Different Categories of Men

Time will always be, change will always be a choice. Who we chose to become is not only conducive for us, but those we accept into our lives. Living each day like there’s no tomorrow makes us enjoy our moment. While some chose to live celibate lives others chose to share their lives with someone special. These special people will definitely come across different categories of men, some experiences would be satisfactory while others will keep you baffled. Relationship experience different vices, unfaithfulness, disrespect, ego, pride… Having an analytical perspective before getting engaged in a relationship is what we fail to do, basing ourselves on our inner vision of what we want rather than what we need. We all have values we do not go against but emotional pain knows no boundaries. Before engaging in a relationship the analysis in the paragraphs will bring clarity of the different categories of men you met and will meet in your daily life. Read on and guard your heart

couple and relationship goals
relationship goals
  1. God Fearing Men

It is often said you must have something you believe in and that which you believe in sets your standards. These category of men are mystery in the universe and are very few in number. Governed by what they believe in and will hardly go against established religious standards. They place the emotional balance of their partners before theirs, resting assured they choose someone who understands their religious beliefs. The fact that they hold their religious esteem in high standards makes them overlook fleshly desires and habits who do not reflect their morals. Their religious beliefs makes them Respect their partners, due to this, the last would not experience how it feels to cheated on or treated with scorn. Even though they are an admirable group most people might not enjoy their company as judged to be too classical. None the less its either they choose to remain celibate or find a life time soulmate, as such happy are their partners.

Celibate, soulmate
Celibacy might be a option chosen by few men. Others would prefer to find a soulmate

2. Men with Good aura and Manners

Men with good aura are those whom are appreciated by a majority of ladies, might be due to their charm and elegance, well travelled and learn, their behaviour. Most ladies misunderstand the sweet natures of these category and before they know it, regrets come in because they misinterpreted their squidgy attitude. They are often described as being warm, gentle, jovial and hospitable towards those in their entourage. They are good at conversations and finding solutions to problems, just don’t get to close you might be getting the wrong signal. Allow them express their emotions to you and ensure your values are the same else you might end-up in a juxtapose puzzle. Most women appreciate men in these category. They are ‘must haves’ as friends cautiously guard your emotions. It is better they chose you than you choosing them, we always have options. The only problem is we prefer to acquiesce our desires rather then focus on our needs

Gentle men are often available at the time and to whom they chose convenient

3. Men who are attached to core values

Those in these category are driven by something, could be religion, ambition, Men who hold strong to values such as; Integrity, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and servant leadership. These category see setbacks as an opportunity to strive harder for what they want to achieve. An admired category who believe in treating others the way they want to be treated. Sometimes they are regarded as highly demanding, as they require so much from their partners. They strive to be the best in whatever the get involved in and their performances are often outstanding. Most people desire partners in this category, as their self motivation inspires the later. They are good goal setters and goal getters, who ever gets a partner in this category is sure to have unforgettable memories.

continuous learning through reading will always be a major way to build our values

4. Philanderer

These category are known to lead and lure others to get whatever they want, having no serious intentions towards them. Their personality is often described as playful, attractive, a good sense of humour and love engaging in conversations. These category of men would have a lot of partners roaming about them without any intentions of building a solid relationship. 80percent of people in this category are well travelled, learnt and have experienced diversity. As such, they know just how to grab attention and break through people who are introverts by nature. If you don’t have a mastery of your emotions its not advisable to share close ties with these type of men. I personally think these category have complex behaviours. It is sometimes difficult for a person to identify if they want to share a strong bond with them, as patience might not be the key. Just ensure to take things at your pace and trust your guts

Sometimes logical reasoning may not help, trust your instincts


Aside the above mention category, an old adage says ‘ experience is the best teacher’. Good experiences will are lamp light for the future, while bad ones would leave a scar. These scars should serve as a foundation for better choices. Who ever you chose to be with isn’t the key to your happiness but should contribute to your happiness. If they aren’t considerate about the things which are important to you, try communicating as much as possible. Ignoring red flags about our partners might makes us end up in uncomfortable situations.

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Life, Life, Life should you pay more attention to what you have or give it less attention…All that depends on you. I guess you will have the answer to that when you finish this blog post. David Charvet lyrics in “should I leave”. should reflect an opinion on this. Its often said you don’t know the importance of something untill its gone and you might not konw the what is missing untill it comes. Emotions, Feelings can get on the edge sometimes even in unexpected moments and the outcome could bring about unforseen results. It is great to value what you have or the people you have, sometimes due to the avaliability of these people, we have forget how important it is to demonstrate love towards these people. Let the tips below always remind you

The Importance of What You Have


Amazing Tips to aid Parents bring up their kids.

Helping your kids grow, isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Growing up is such a tough process which experienced differently by the individuals. As a parent, you might have your personal outlook on your childhood live might not be a good ‘souvenir’. This fact doesn’t prevent your dreams of raising your kids in a manner that will make you resplendent. If you were raised properly then, you’ll consider the same education for your kids, be it with traditional techniques or modern techniques. Some discouraging personal experience might transform the process of your parental-hood, i will advice you to see a counselor who could help you forget and manage those painful memories. For you to be a good parent educated or not there are essential elements to fit in yourselves for it to be possible. Often times, kids might not communicate properly and this equally plays a role on the way parents raise them. What the become in future, the activities they get involved in, their reactions to unforeseen circumstances, how they feel about themselves, depends on their upbringing be it by their parents, guardians or mentors. The tips below will help you become a good parent, mentor or guardian

1. Sacrifice your Goals

Desiring to be and becoming a parent is a huge sacrifice to make. Sometimes, you might not be prepared to become a parent due to circumstances beyond control you are bound to be one, either a mentor or a guardian. As an adult, you could set personal goals and targeted time to achieve them which is excellent, the first step of becoming a good parent is to sacrifice part of your goals if you really intend to raise your children properly. This should not frustrate you, rather it should help you increase your chances of becoming a better parent. Considering that some professions take parents far away from their kids, parents should consider making a less tight schedule in order to increase their communication with their children, reasons why you should be careful while choosing a certain career path. That video or phone call would enable you raise them properly even from a distance.

2. To be a good parent, be Observant of your children

Children are may become tough or fragile while growing up. If a parent isn’t attentive to this child there will be a lot of missing pieces to the puzzle. Being a good parent or mentor might be a delicate task as it helps develope and enhance some skills. Ages vary with behavior and moods, observing your child will enable you have a mastery of their atitude thereby encouraging them to manage their tempaments vis a vis their peers. Being obeservant will equally aid you understand their moods better, their ractions to situations, enhance your knowledge on their skills and their possible weaknesses so as to strengthen them.

3. Be Participative in order to be a good parent

Knowing what you are good at is beautiful but knowing your child skill is most essential, then helping them grow that skill is fundamental. Parents should strive to know what their children skills are and enable them to showcase these talents. Anyone could bear a child but being a parent is another skill. Parents are light to their childrens path, that light could shine bright or grow deem depending on those parents who chose to make it either way. Get involved in your childrens activities and suggest to participate even when you are not called upon.

4. Collaboration and Communication

In order aviod unforseen circumstances and misunderstandings, Parents should collaborate between themselves on matters relating to their kids even if they are seperated. Their modest contribution will be helpful to the process of child growth. Aside this, there comes a stage where by collaboration should be done between the parents and the kids. This will increase their communication, which will permit them to know their children more hence, it will lessen the chances of unforseen situations, secretiveness, disrespect and negligence. Proper communication and collaboration will open a platform for trust and tolerance between parents and their kids. This action will go a long way on future commitments and the responsible habits on the path of these children.

5. Discipline

While educating your children, consider adopting a disciplined life style, as this might be the character which can be copied by those growing. Being friendly to your children doesn’t withold you from excersing some level of discipline when it concern them. Growing up is sa rollercoster, you won’t wan to be too strict and scare your children. Be tolerant enough to understand when need arises and discipline enough to caution when need be. Excersing the right amount of each will make you a good parent.

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The importance of having trust worthy persons

Life can be seen as a perfect stranger, with no idea about what it brings, we get in to it with our hopes. Having trustworthy persons is important for a good number of reasons. We go through some situations because we lack reliable people, persons we can count on(these persons could be friends or family). It is not easy to come across people you can trust, some times we already have them in our crew. No one is entirely useless, but its necessary to know who can inter-vain in your personal matters. Having that person you could share your strengths and weaknesses too without fear of being judged or stigmatized is very essential. People chose not to have friends for a good number of reasons but there are those we can count on without fear. Our mistakes may come as a result of lack of knowledge or inadequate experience, sharing your ideas with someone might save you from an unforeseen circumstance. The tips below will give you reasons to have those persons you can rely on. If you already have them, let these tips strengthen your bond towards them.

  1. It Eases Stress.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where by we don’t know what to do, it might be so deplorable that you can’t talk to anyone. Aside making you depressed, your stress level will be extremely high. No matter what it is you are going through, there is that friend you can count on, find a way to talk to someone you think is trustworthy. They might be people you know too well already, it could be someone you just met. Making that phone call to express how you feel may relieve you from a number of factors you would not imagine at the moment. Whenever something comes up which you can’t handle find a way to share it with a reliable person, be that reliable person to another.

a problem sheared is a problem half solved.

2. Aids you to Develop more ideas

Having new ideas on business or investments is often a plus to any aspiring entrepreneur. Some times you have to discuss you investment ideas if not with a professional then with someone who could make you see the stakes in your adventure. Their personal experience or inquired knowledge could help you in different ways, you just need to exercise caution in choosing whom you are sharing these ideas with.

3. Prevents you from making mistakes

Due to a number of limitations in our intellect and environment as one cannot be said to be all knowing, mistakes can’t be avoided. Making them doesn’t mean your bad person but the ability to rise up after that error has been made will determine your future.

Discussing the issues bothering you with a reliable person can help you on a multiple scale and aide you prevent loss. The future doesn’t have shout-out bells but the idea of a trustworthy friend can help you prevent that mistake you could make which might affect your future.

4. It Helps you Reassure your stand point

Most often, we wonder if we can pull through a difficulty or the validity in the decision taken. We doubt our abilities and capabilities even with the right mindset. That’s why having any trust worthy person by you your stand point can be reaffirmed, your fears will diminish and your courage will increase. So lets ensure to have persons we can count on not only when it is right for them to be there, but those who can put up an extra sacrifice for you to achieve your goals

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Unconditional Love

May the frequency of divorce decrease and the number of happy marriages increase. Our Children deserve a better world” John Gray

It is difficult to manage problems in our relationships when things aren’t going as expected. We often think of the worst rather than try to bring out the best at that particular moment. What do we then term unconditional love? There are several opinions on this, some positive and others negative, that depends on what you have experienced. The following tips should help you on the behavior to put forth when experiencing hard times in your relationship and the positive benefits in practicing this tips with your partner will lead to Unconditional Love.

hearts belong together

Beginning with what I entitle –Ignoring your differences- Most often, we don’t acknowledge the fact that we are humans and re imperfect. Coming together with another being is accepting the fact they could have different views or opinions from yours. Not recognizing your differences create or will create an unbearable, n unsatisfactory atmosphere between you two. Take a step forth and acknowledge those different aspects you don’t seem to agree on so that you both could start working on them. « When men and women are ready to respect and accept their differences then Love has a chance to blossom » J. Gray

In addition, a very pertinent reaction people do when mad is -walking out on another- When angry or sad some people think walking out on each other is a good way to cool off, especially when the heat is on. You might not want to piss your partner off by walking out on them in a conversation or fight even if you don’t agree with their points. You may want to avoid resentment. Reading through Gary Chapman’s book on The Things I wish I’d known before we got married” would throw more light on this. He illustrates 3 méthodes you could use to resolve or end a misunderstandings. You could chose on of the following;

Meeting in the Middle : “…You find a meeting place by agreeing to do a part of what each of you desired while eachof you also sacrifices a bit…”

Meeting Later: “…conflict is what I call “meeting later.” This approach says, “At themoment, I’m not able to conscientiously agree with your idea, and I don’t see a place to meet in themiddle. Can we just agree that for the moment, we disagree on this? And we will discuss it again in a week or month, and look for a solution…”

Meeting on Your Side : “… This means that after you hear each other’s ideas and feelings, one of you decides that on this occasion you side with them...”

Lastly avoid –quitting– you might wanna quit your relationship for a number of factors during tough times, this might not be the best solution to adopt. It might be more complex when your quitting because there’s a new attention. Try to see past those moments of difficulties and remember there were days of merry. Unconditional Love is quite hard to put in place when things aren’t going as expected but there are benefits for your relationship if you apply the 3 tips above.

Always remember it is never too late to start over. The above points will help you;

-Not only to increase your communication but,

-Equally increase your commitment of wanting to stay together, while

Deepening Understanding and Intimacy.

Unconditional Love is all about sacrificing those aspects, that are part of you when you are in no ability to do it.🍀 Create the kind of Love both Deserve 🍀


Okay… she got married to a wealthy man, who changed her entire life. Treated her like a queen and gave her all she wanted.

Due to her man’s insecurities, he decides to put guards everywhere around her. Where ever she goes they go.

On a faithful day she comes across an old friend, who slips in her hand his complementary card. Getting into her car she drops the complementary card. They later meet again n hangout.

Then they finally get intimate, minutes after that, she laughs out and says “there’s nothing special about you, nothing different from my husband…I love my husband. Get up take your things and leave!”.

Her husbands sees everything that happened through the security cameras. He avoids her for a while but they meet and talk

Do you think you could ever be satisfied? Sometimes we feel like what we have isn’t enough for us, you think your missing out on something. Do you think what you have now isn’t worth it? It’s often said “you don’t know the importance of what you have until you’ve lost it, and you don’t know what’s missing until it comes” . But then you might wait for something and when it comes you lose it while thinking your not satisfied with what you’ve got .

There could be several options of what you want, just 1 version of what you truly need. We desire what we want but is it what is needed? Dreams and our hallucinations will pass by but reality remains. Whatever you have🍀cherish it. Couples put in your best efforts to accept each other, stand by each other and be satisfied we what your working on.

No one is perfect but they love you share is perfect🍀as u strive to work on it.

Our Journey

Does Life give us a choice?

Maybe, our Choices would be fairer…

If we had the chance to be reborn, re there decisions u’ll chose not to make again?

In Robin Sharma’s book « The Monk who sold his Ferrari » There you’ll see someone who chose to make a difference.

Life’s journey could be compared to running waters. Some have it shallow, others deep and some profound!

The colors would vary, just as the clear sky brings the sun and dark clouds bring the rain, so, differs our circumstances.

We could learn to leave with it; either the way we met it or adjust it to suit us.

As an infant, no one tells you the choice you make will carry you along this journey.

We grow up believing in sold visions and dreams. What happens then when you get hooked? What happens when we fail? What happens when disappointments knocks?When our achievement can’t help?

Take a walk and remember 🍀that’s how you began

Lao TZU “A journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with a Step


While growing we come across situations, events, things, people…which influences the change in the course of our lives. The question becomes; is it necessary to have people around you or in your life? Life is an artistic mystery, with each person her arts master. Always have in mind, you might not need someone but someone out there needs you! It might be the hawker or vendor you need to buy something from, it could be that neighbor you need to rush to the hospital..

Through Oswald MBUYISENI’s poem « Just a Passer By » walking past another person in misery, might be a regret you could bare for an entire life.

Being alone isn’t a bad idea but sometimes what you need to discover lies ahead and you can’t find out on your own. Give yourself that chance to experience what good the bad moments took away. As you ride on, note the journey you began has a bright side only you can feel. Don’t Let go that chance. With no expectations nature will play its part and fill in the void in you🍀

Tips to building a Healthy Relationship(HR), with your partner.

Healthy relationships are often needed, but there are essential personal values we have to possess to keep one. So what are your virtues? There are important in building a healthy relationship. I will advise who so ever reads this blog to read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, this book helps us to understand our partners love language riding from; Quality time, Acts of service, Gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch.

It is important to know that, we all don’t grow in the same milieu. So, it turns to influence are thoughts and the way we treat each other even our love life. I guess before getting into a relationship we should be concern to know why we have to be in one and what we want in that relationship(know the difference between what you want and what you need)..the answer to this is often different between the individuals and we need to understand this for a healthy relationship. So I’ll be sharing 10 tips on building a healthy relationship…

we want to belong together we should work for it..

The first tip is Communication; it is important for us to talk about are needs and wants in our relationship because as time goes on, we change some things we liked or loved to do, the way we want to be treated, how we want to be treated, without proper communication our partners won’t know these changes even if they might have noticed them. I would love to insist on our manner of communicating! If you want to build a healthy relationship, I guess you should be in one already or you wanna get into one, it’s important to note that our manner of approach either helps build or destroys a good conversation, so while discussing you should;-listen, -be open to ask questions, – try to understand even if you don’t want to. Complains often come in because we don’t create time to communicate and listen to each other carefully and so things hit up n take a different turn.

2. Honesty; Remember when I said we have different virtues?, well, if u’ve got honesty as a virtue then you re one step ahead. Being honest is very important in your relationship cause it helps to solidify trust even when it has been broken. Being transparent and sincere breathes a good ground for a healthy relationship.

3. Respect; Respecting one another affirms are partners self esteem. It equally makes our partners feel protected even when vulnerable, it boost confidence in the individuals, it makes people feel prioritized and loved. Without respect people feel less valued and unappreciated, this equally applies to your partner.

4. Forgiveness; To forgive someone doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the action or omission the person did against us, but it is the ability to learn to let go off the thought whenever it springs up in our minds. If you chose to stick to a particular relationship knowing that your ego has been touched several times, then you should learn to forgive and try to forget when ever you remember your pain. It is a huge sacrifie to make when building a healthy relationship.

5. Care & Attention; It is important to know what your partner loves and how he/she wants to be treated. While others would love attention & care to the fullest level because it makes them feel protected, others won’t enjoy it that way because they will feel controlled. Knowing his/her love language will make you know the right amount of care and attention to give your partner.

6. Loyalty; Being loyal isn’t only healthy for a your relationship but your health as well. This virtue shows a high level of devotion and commitment. It will make your partner feel secured and avoid unwanted arguments, having a loyal bf/gf shows a degree a faithfulness and respect you owe one another. This tip, coupled with tip 2 above will provide you with a solid base for a HR.

7. Patience; …it a virtue which is often difficult to find and it is important for a HR. Knowing that our environmental context differs and has a part to play with the way we treat one another. Some people think it is a waste to wait but if the other party shows dedication in changing a habit or thing, then you could be patient. No1 is born with patience but we learn to practice her and just because you’ve got a patient spouse it doesn’t mean you should abuse this virtue in them. Appreciate it all the way…

8. Supportive; As humans we all have goals and dreams. The reasons someone choses to be with you shouldn’t make them lose the vision of fulfilling their dreams, that is why a proper communication at the start of your relationship will make you know if it’s what you’ll need in the future or what you will be able to cope with, even if it doesn’t really suit you. Show concern for one another’s dream, concern could be physical support or motivational that’s why knowing your partners love language is essential because in so doing they will feel loved and thus you will be leaving the reality of your healthy relationship.

These tips might not be the best but they are important contributions for those who want to build a HR. One partner reading this is good but both partners reading this is essential for a HR. Make it an objective to work on your virtues everyday 😉we can’t be perfect but we can strive to be, constant amelioration from both people should make a lovely couple. Remember to keep it mutual!🍀


We Grow with different ideas about culture based on where we come from. Our different regions don’t hold the same values. Where we grow, with whom we Grow! Influences what we believe in. That is why, constant repetition of actions taken becomes the behavioral pattern of a whole. An emerged way of life for one person will be copied by some other person and so we decide to chose what we want to believe in based on who we’ve met, where we’ve lived and how we have decided to live. This then becomes a cultural pattern to be copied by those in the future 🍀which becomes their culture.