Our Journey

Does Life give us a choice?

Maybe, our Choices would be fairer…

If we had the chance to be reborn, re there decisions u’ll chose not to make again?

In Robin Sharma’s book « The Monk who sold his Ferrari » There you’ll see someone who chose to make a difference.

Life’s journey could be compared to running waters. Some have it shallow, others deep and some profound!

The colors would vary, just as the clear sky brings the sun and dark clouds bring the rain, so, differs our circumstances.

We could learn to leave with it; either the way we met it or adjust it to suit us.

As an infant, no one tells you the choice you make will carry you along this journey.

We grow up believing in sold visions and dreams. What happens then when you get hooked? What happens when we fail? What happens when disappointments knocks?When our achievement can’t help?

Take a walk and remember 🍀that’s how you began

Lao TZU “A journey of A Thousand Miles Begins with a Step


We Grow with different ideas about culture based on where we come from. Our different regions don’t hold the same values. Where we grow, with whom we Grow! Influences what we believe in. That is why, constant repetition of actions taken becomes the behavioral pattern of a whole. An emerged way of life for one person will be copied by some other person and so we decide to chose what we want to believe in based on who we’ve met, where we’ve lived and how we have decided to live. This then becomes a cultural pattern to be copied by those in the future 🍀which becomes their culture.