Different Categories of Men

Time will always be, change will always be a choice. Who we chose to become is not only conducive for us, but those we accept into our lives. Living each day like there’s no tomorrow makes us enjoy our moment. While some chose to live celibate lives others chose to share their lives with someone special. These special people will definitely come across different categories of men, some experiences would be satisfactory while others will keep you baffled. Relationship experience different vices, unfaithfulness, disrespect, ego, pride… Having an analytical perspective before getting engaged in a relationship is what we fail to do, basing ourselves on our inner vision of what we want rather than what we need. We all have values we do not go against but emotional pain knows no boundaries. Before engaging in a relationship the analysis in the paragraphs will bring clarity of the different categories of men you met and will meet in your daily life. Read on and guard your heart

couple and relationship goals
relationship goals
  1. God Fearing Men

It is often said you must have something you believe in and that which you believe in sets your standards. These category of men are mystery in the universe and are very few in number. Governed by what they believe in and will hardly go against established religious standards. They place the emotional balance of their partners before theirs, resting assured they choose someone who understands their religious beliefs. The fact that they hold their religious esteem in high standards makes them overlook fleshly desires and habits who do not reflect their morals. Their religious beliefs makes them Respect their partners, due to this, the last would not experience how it feels to cheated on or treated with scorn. Even though they are an admirable group most people might not enjoy their company as judged to be too classical. None the less its either they choose to remain celibate or find a life time soulmate, as such happy are their partners.

Celibate, soulmate
Celibacy might be a option chosen by few men. Others would prefer to find a soulmate

2. Men with Good aura and Manners

Men with good aura are those whom are appreciated by a majority of ladies, might be due to their charm and elegance, well travelled and learn, their behaviour. Most ladies misunderstand the sweet natures of these category and before they know it, regrets come in because they misinterpreted their squidgy attitude. They are often described as being warm, gentle, jovial and hospitable towards those in their entourage. They are good at conversations and finding solutions to problems, just don’t get to close you might be getting the wrong signal. Allow them express their emotions to you and ensure your values are the same else you might end-up in a juxtapose puzzle. Most women appreciate men in these category. They are ‘must haves’ as friends cautiously guard your emotions. It is better they chose you than you choosing them, we always have options. The only problem is we prefer to acquiesce our desires rather then focus on our needs

Gentle men are often available at the time and to whom they chose convenient

3. Men who are attached to core values

Those in these category are driven by something, could be religion, ambition, Men who hold strong to values such as; Integrity, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and servant leadership. These category see setbacks as an opportunity to strive harder for what they want to achieve. An admired category who believe in treating others the way they want to be treated. Sometimes they are regarded as highly demanding, as they require so much from their partners. They strive to be the best in whatever the get involved in and their performances are often outstanding. Most people desire partners in this category, as their self motivation inspires the later. They are good goal setters and goal getters, who ever gets a partner in this category is sure to have unforgettable memories.

continuous learning through reading will always be a major way to build our values

4. Philanderer

These category are known to lead and lure others to get whatever they want, having no serious intentions towards them. Their personality is often described as playful, attractive, a good sense of humour and love engaging in conversations. These category of men would have a lot of partners roaming about them without any intentions of building a solid relationship. 80percent of people in this category are well travelled, learnt and have experienced diversity. As such, they know just how to grab attention and break through people who are introverts by nature. If you don’t have a mastery of your emotions its not advisable to share close ties with these type of men. I personally think these category have complex behaviours. It is sometimes difficult for a person to identify if they want to share a strong bond with them, as patience might not be the key. Just ensure to take things at your pace and trust your guts

Sometimes logical reasoning may not help, trust your instincts


Aside the above mention category, an old adage says ‘ experience is the best teacher’. Good experiences will are lamp light for the future, while bad ones would leave a scar. These scars should serve as a foundation for better choices. Who ever you chose to be with isn’t the key to your happiness but should contribute to your happiness. If they aren’t considerate about the things which are important to you, try communicating as much as possible. Ignoring red flags about our partners might makes us end up in uncomfortable situations.

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