Okay… she got married to a wealthy man, who changed her entire life. Treated her like a queen and gave her all she wanted.

Due to her man’s insecurities, he decides to put guards everywhere around her. Where ever she goes they go.

On a faithful day she comes across an old friend, who slips in her hand his complementary card. Getting into her car she drops the complementary card. They later meet again n hangout.

Then they finally get intimate, minutes after that, she laughs out and says “there’s nothing special about you, nothing different from my husband…I love my husband. Get up take your things and leave!”.

Her husbands sees everything that happened through the security cameras. He avoids her for a while but they meet and talk

Do you think you could ever be satisfied? Sometimes we feel like what we have isn’t enough for us, you think your missing out on something. Do you think what you have now isn’t worth it? It’s often said “you don’t know the importance of what you have until you’ve lost it, and you don’t know what’s missing until it comes” . But then you might wait for something and when it comes you lose it while thinking your not satisfied with what you’ve got .

There could be several options of what you want, just 1 version of what you truly need. We desire what we want but is it what is needed? Dreams and our hallucinations will pass by but reality remains. Whatever you have🍀cherish it. Couples put in your best efforts to accept each other, stand by each other and be satisfied we what your working on.

No one is perfect but they love you share is perfect🍀as u strive to work on it.


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