Unconditional Love

May the frequency of divorce decrease and the number of happy marriages increase. Our Children deserve a better world” John Gray

It is difficult to manage problems in our relationships when things aren’t going as expected. We often think of the worst rather than try to bring out the best at that particular moment. What do we then term unconditional love? There are several opinions on this, some positive and others negative, that depends on what you have experienced. The following tips should help you on the behavior to put forth when experiencing hard times in your relationship and the positive benefits in practicing this tips with your partner will lead to Unconditional Love.

hearts belong together

Beginning with what I entitle –Ignoring your differences- Most often, we don’t acknowledge the fact that we are humans and re imperfect. Coming together with another being is accepting the fact they could have different views or opinions from yours. Not recognizing your differences create or will create an unbearable, n unsatisfactory atmosphere between you two. Take a step forth and acknowledge those different aspects you don’t seem to agree on so that you both could start working on them. « When men and women are ready to respect and accept their differences then Love has a chance to blossom » J. Gray

In addition, a very pertinent reaction people do when mad is -walking out on another- When angry or sad some people think walking out on each other is a good way to cool off, especially when the heat is on. You might not want to piss your partner off by walking out on them in a conversation or fight even if you don’t agree with their points. You may want to avoid resentment. Reading through Gary Chapman’s book on The Things I wish I’d known before we got married” would throw more light on this. He illustrates 3 méthodes you could use to resolve or end a misunderstandings. You could chose on of the following;

Meeting in the Middle : “…You find a meeting place by agreeing to do a part of what each of you desired while eachof you also sacrifices a bit…”

Meeting Later: “…conflict is what I call “meeting later.” This approach says, “At themoment, I’m not able to conscientiously agree with your idea, and I don’t see a place to meet in themiddle. Can we just agree that for the moment, we disagree on this? And we will discuss it again in a week or month, and look for a solution…”

Meeting on Your Side : “… This means that after you hear each other’s ideas and feelings, one of you decides that on this occasion you side with them...”

Lastly avoid –quitting– you might wanna quit your relationship for a number of factors during tough times, this might not be the best solution to adopt. It might be more complex when your quitting because there’s a new attention. Try to see past those moments of difficulties and remember there were days of merry. Unconditional Love is quite hard to put in place when things aren’t going as expected but there are benefits for your relationship if you apply the 3 tips above.

Always remember it is never too late to start over. The above points will help you;

-Not only to increase your communication but,

-Equally increase your commitment of wanting to stay together, while

Deepening Understanding and Intimacy.

Unconditional Love is all about sacrificing those aspects, that are part of you when you are in no ability to do it.🍀 Create the kind of Love both Deserve 🍀


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