Tips to building a Healthy Relationship(HR), with your partner.

Healthy relationships are often needed, but there are essential personal values we have to possess to keep one. So what are your virtues? There are important in building a healthy relationship. I will advise who so ever reads this blog to read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, this book helps us to understand our partners love language riding from; Quality time, Acts of service, Gifts, words of affirmation and physical touch.

It is important to know that, we all don’t grow in the same milieu. So, it turns to influence are thoughts and the way we treat each other even our love life. I guess before getting into a relationship we should be concern to know why we have to be in one and what we want in that relationship(know the difference between what you want and what you need)..the answer to this is often different between the individuals and we need to understand this for a healthy relationship. So I’ll be sharing 10 tips on building a healthy relationship…

we want to belong together we should work for it..

The first tip is Communication; it is important for us to talk about are needs and wants in our relationship because as time goes on, we change some things we liked or loved to do, the way we want to be treated, how we want to be treated, without proper communication our partners won’t know these changes even if they might have noticed them. I would love to insist on our manner of communicating! If you want to build a healthy relationship, I guess you should be in one already or you wanna get into one, it’s important to note that our manner of approach either helps build or destroys a good conversation, so while discussing you should;-listen, -be open to ask questions, – try to understand even if you don’t want to. Complains often come in because we don’t create time to communicate and listen to each other carefully and so things hit up n take a different turn.

2. Honesty; Remember when I said we have different virtues?, well, if u’ve got honesty as a virtue then you re one step ahead. Being honest is very important in your relationship cause it helps to solidify trust even when it has been broken. Being transparent and sincere breathes a good ground for a healthy relationship.

3. Respect; Respecting one another affirms are partners self esteem. It equally makes our partners feel protected even when vulnerable, it boost confidence in the individuals, it makes people feel prioritized and loved. Without respect people feel less valued and unappreciated, this equally applies to your partner.

4. Forgiveness; To forgive someone doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the action or omission the person did against us, but it is the ability to learn to let go off the thought whenever it springs up in our minds. If you chose to stick to a particular relationship knowing that your ego has been touched several times, then you should learn to forgive and try to forget when ever you remember your pain. It is a huge sacrifie to make when building a healthy relationship.

5. Care & Attention; It is important to know what your partner loves and how he/she wants to be treated. While others would love attention & care to the fullest level because it makes them feel protected, others won’t enjoy it that way because they will feel controlled. Knowing his/her love language will make you know the right amount of care and attention to give your partner.

6. Loyalty; Being loyal isn’t only healthy for a your relationship but your health as well. This virtue shows a high level of devotion and commitment. It will make your partner feel secured and avoid unwanted arguments, having a loyal bf/gf shows a degree a faithfulness and respect you owe one another. This tip, coupled with tip 2 above will provide you with a solid base for a HR.

7. Patience; …it a virtue which is often difficult to find and it is important for a HR. Knowing that our environmental context differs and has a part to play with the way we treat one another. Some people think it is a waste to wait but if the other party shows dedication in changing a habit or thing, then you could be patient. No1 is born with patience but we learn to practice her and just because you’ve got a patient spouse it doesn’t mean you should abuse this virtue in them. Appreciate it all the way…

8. Supportive; As humans we all have goals and dreams. The reasons someone choses to be with you shouldn’t make them lose the vision of fulfilling their dreams, that is why a proper communication at the start of your relationship will make you know if it’s what you’ll need in the future or what you will be able to cope with, even if it doesn’t really suit you. Show concern for one another’s dream, concern could be physical support or motivational that’s why knowing your partners love language is essential because in so doing they will feel loved and thus you will be leaving the reality of your healthy relationship.

These tips might not be the best but they are important contributions for those who want to build a HR. One partner reading this is good but both partners reading this is essential for a HR. Make it an objective to work on your virtues everyday 😉we can’t be perfect but we can strive to be, constant amelioration from both people should make a lovely couple. Remember to keep it mutual!🍀


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