While growing we come across situations, events, things, people…which influences the change in the course of our lives. The question becomes; is it necessary to have people around you or in your life? Life is an artistic mystery, with each person her arts master. Always have in mind, you might not need someone but someone out there needs you! It might be the hawker or vendor you need to buy something from, it could be that neighbor you need to rush to the hospital..

Through Oswald MBUYISENI’s poem « Just a Passer By » walking past another person in misery, might be a regret you could bare for an entire life.

Being alone isn’t a bad idea but sometimes what you need to discover lies ahead and you can’t find out on your own. Give yourself that chance to experience what good the bad moments took away. As you ride on, note the journey you began has a bright side only you can feel. Don’t Let go that chance. With no expectations nature will play its part and fill in the void in you🍀


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